Friday, September 30, 2011

A Journey to a New Home

Written by
RJ Remo

Being far away from my hometown, Lipa City, Batangas is difficult. Leaving that place is the biggest turning point in my life. It's been almost 11 months since I came here in Iloilo,the place that I never thought that I will love and consider as my new home. Let me tell you a story or should I say my journey to a new home.

October 27 – Together with my family we traveled from Lipa to Manila where we waited for the ship to arrive, it’s been two and half hour ride. In the van I was thinking what does Iloilo look like or what is it like to ride a ship because I was still a baby the last time I traveled. Then suddenly the van stopped and I told myself “This is it."

It was difficult to get inside the ship because there were too many check points wherein we needed to bring down our cargos in order that the security guards to check if there were pointed objects or deadly weapons. It was like hell. Everything that I can bring was all over my body and because of that all of my body parts ached. I looked like a Christmas tree. Whenever I remember that, I could not stop laughing at myself.

From hell to heaven – After we have crossed all the check points, we were finally inside the ship. We’re in the “Tourist” room. It was 7:00 in the evening when I noticed that Manila looked like New York when it is viewed in the night. I saw all those buildings with their lights on and they really looked like buildings in other countries.

Riding the ship was a wonderful experience. We we’re accommodated as if we were visitors. When we took a glance at the sea we saw the flying fish. It’s the first time I watched them. Whenever they approached, it seemed like it was their first time. It’s such a miracle to view something that looked like paradise because we all knew that our country is suffering from different environmental problems. From the ship we saw the beauty of our country. We are so blessed by God.

The first thing that came to my mind is “What a big place to start.” Now I am still tongue tied because of the beauty of Iloilo and its amazing culture. This time I will try to become a true Ilongga within.

DepEd Teacher's Blog | News | Opinion | LET Results | Event | Discussion: Winners in the 2010 Intel Science Fair

DepEd Teacher's Blog | News | Opinion | LET Results | Event | Discussion: Winners in the 2010 Intel Science Fair

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Help! A Dog Bit Me (World Rabies Day 2011 in Iloilo)

Juan de la Cruz, a nine-year old child is playing a game of hide-and-seek with his friends at the vicinity of Brgy. Don. Esteban, Lapuz, Iloilo City. Juan, Miguel, Arnulfo, and Pablo are having fun playing under the sun with Juan as the "it."  Miguel is the last among the other kids who has not yet emerged from his hideout. As he stealthily tried to go to the "It's" place, Juan suddenly sees him and tried to beat him from the bush he is hiding from.  As Juan and Miguel tried to beat each other towards the "safe" place, a dog from nowhere suddenly "joined"  their game and tagged Juan with a bite. 

Juan wins the race with Miguel, but paid a price for this.  The dog raced him and bit his leg.  Concerned neighbors suddenly called his mother's attention, but because of lack of prior knowledge, just assumed that Juan is okay as the wound did not appear as deep as it seems.

The days passed by.  People from Don Esteban Lapuz continued with their daily routines.  Some kids were lucky enough to have parents wake up early in the morning to prepare their needs for school. Some unlucky ones had to be on their own.  The markets still is busy with peddlers and fish vendors who tried to to have their "bueno-mano." Things still appear to be normal in that barangay.

However, at the house of Juan, some changes can be seen.  Juan, who is a happy, energetic child, is suddenly irritable. Juan complains of headache, pain, and an itching of the bite.  A week has passed and he experiences muscle spasms in the throat. 

Juan's mother is suddenly afraid of what is happening to her son and so, she brought him to Don Benito Hospital.  However, at this time, it is obvious that the bite has caused these changes in her son.  Juan is showing "foaming at the mouth." He feels a great thirst, but feels fear when given water.  He hallucinates and suffers from a feeling of being not able to breathe.  After days of struggling with these symptoms, Juan died a tragic, useless death. Juan is a victim of two things--a bite from a rabies-infected dog and his mother's ignorance of the symptoms.

If you are a parent, will you let your child suffer from the same fate?

Join World Rabies Day 2011 on September 28, 2011 and be part of the concerned citizens who do not want to let another soul die a senseless death.

World Rabies Celebration Day in Boracay is sponsored by Aklan State University and will be held September 28, 2011 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  

Event is open to public
To get more information: please contact 09291215874/ (036)267-6546
Contact name: ginaclin s. dalisay
Contact email:

The First Iloilo Anti Rabies Run was held last year on September 19,2010 at Gaisano City Car Park, Iloilo City.  

Jalandoni Memorial National High School sponsored a Seminar for the Anti Rabies Act by the EcoSavers, a science club organization.  Dr. Pedro Sobrevega and Dr. Tomas Forteza were the speakers of the said seminar held today at the JMNHS AVR.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Iloilo Captures a Foreign Heart

Presently, it seems that everybody is busy in striving to be happy. From material things to spiritual realms, anyone struggles to obtain a bliss. However, amid the laughter and merry-making in different parties and gatherings, solitude still finds its way out to inflict lonely hearts and souls from various walks of life. In relevance, God allows many factors to gladden everyone, but the risk lies on individual's making of choice. Most preferences are made in quick moves, some are based in faith and conviction while others are drawn through influences. Obviously, many foreigners from different countries feel away from home . Some go out and explore and embrace adventure. Others have lonely souls that need a breakthrough and long for an honest company. These beautiful people rather choose Iloilo!

Iloilo is on the lamplight because of its places, foods and people that sum up the eloquent culture of the Philippines. Iloilo as a place can amuse a stranger with its typical scenic beauty in various beaches likes Shamrock, Bantayan and its elegance in inspiring hotels like The Days Hotel, Sarabia Manor, Amigo Terrace, The Grand Dame, and The Iloilo Grand Tower which all would lead him back to admiration of life . In line with foods, Iloilo is known for its La Paz Batchoy and Pancit dishes; Chicken in various cook styles : tinuom in Cabatuan, grilled, baked or broiled in fast-food centers like Jollibee , Mc Donald's , and Mang Inasal; Native delicacies like bibingka, banana cue, baye-baye, and ginat-an. The sweet tropical fruits like mangoes in Leon and watermelons in Oton. These yummy and sumptuous foods would usher anybody to be thankful for God's provision at all times. Most of all, the pride of Iloilo is its loving and friendly Ilonggo people who possess the hearts of a true friend, a loyal life-partner and a committed family member. Whatever the visitor's creed or color, the service of Ilonggo people is sincere, sweet and fair. This is very prominent among Ilongga women who have the magic to capture the foreigners' hearts that desire for a warmth love and camaraderie. These heavenly-sent traits rekindle spirit and the Ilongga's beauty in and out makes these foreigners feel relax and confident once again.

There you go. When Iloilo starts to capture a foreign heart, the marks linger for eternity. The experience is mutual and surely the sweet testimony of the captive about choosing Iloilo his second home spreads all over.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Iloilo City Hosts the 2011 NAMCYA Visayas Cluster Competition

Iloilo City hosts the 2011 NAMCYA Regional Cluster Competition held at the Division of Iloilo City Social Hall on September 24, 2011 with the theme: "Musika at Sayaw: Dangal ng Lahi." 

The National Music Week is celebrated annually during the last week of November as per Presidential Proclamation Number 25, series of 2008 wherein the NAMCYA competitions are the main focus of the event. 

For the Visayas Cluster Competition, two events were held namely the Rondalla Ensemble and the Choir categories.  The Iloilo City National High School Choir and the Oton National High School Choir competed so as to be qualified for the National Finals while the ETCS II of Bacolod City and the Anigao Children's Rondalla competed to be qualified for the National Finals.
 Bacolod City's Children's Rondalla

Iloilo City National High School Choir 2011

However, the NAMCYA Board of Judges deemed the contestants to have not reached the criteria that they need to surpass in order to be qualified for the National Finals.

Participants were asked to attend the workshop that was sponsored by NAMCYA so as to further hone their skills in the field of music they were competing.

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