Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Letter for Mentors

by RJ Remo

“Years ago people who sacrifice their sleep, food, family, laughter and other joys of life were called SAINTS… BUT NOW THEY ARE CALLED teachers… BE PROUD TO BE ONE.”

TEACHERS – You are the one that will never be called as “NOBODY” instead “SOMEBODY” who change thousands of lives. You showed the students on how to draw the line in which they should follow as they take their path towards their future. You are also considered as the parents of the young learners next to their family and as modern heroes of this new generation.

I know that you, teachers, sacrifice many things for students to be knowledgeable in whatever career they might pursue in the future. Although that you know that it is not your job to help your students financially, still you find ways to help. You’re developing young Juan not just mentally but emotionally and socially. All the time you are stressed because of lesson plans you need to do and because of some behaviors of some students that bother you.

In spite of the fact you are under paid yet over worked you still have the passion and the compassion to teach. Sometimes young learners take you for granted and never understand what value you have in our society but still you pursue to be their mentor.

I, on behalf of the students, would like to impart our deepest gratitude and respect. may we be able to partake all the wisdom and skills that we’ve learned from.

If I were to compare you to something valuable, it is rightful to compare you to books because just like books you hone the young minds of students and can change beliefs that we believed in right now. The greatest gift that I can give you is my love and to be part of your lives.

For all the mentors, all thumbs up for a job well done and may your tribe increase.

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