Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Iloilo Captures a Foreign Heart

Presently, it seems that everybody is busy in striving to be happy. From material things to spiritual realms, anyone struggles to obtain a bliss. However, amid the laughter and merry-making in different parties and gatherings, solitude still finds its way out to inflict lonely hearts and souls from various walks of life. In relevance, God allows many factors to gladden everyone, but the risk lies on individual's making of choice. Most preferences are made in quick moves, some are based in faith and conviction while others are drawn through influences. Obviously, many foreigners from different countries feel away from home . Some go out and explore and embrace adventure. Others have lonely souls that need a breakthrough and long for an honest company. These beautiful people rather choose Iloilo!

Iloilo is on the lamplight because of its places, foods and people that sum up the eloquent culture of the Philippines. Iloilo as a place can amuse a stranger with its typical scenic beauty in various beaches likes Shamrock, Bantayan and its elegance in inspiring hotels like The Days Hotel, Sarabia Manor, Amigo Terrace, The Grand Dame, and The Iloilo Grand Tower which all would lead him back to admiration of life . In line with foods, Iloilo is known for its La Paz Batchoy and Pancit dishes; Chicken in various cook styles : tinuom in Cabatuan, grilled, baked or broiled in fast-food centers like Jollibee , Mc Donald's , and Mang Inasal; Native delicacies like bibingka, banana cue, baye-baye, and ginat-an. The sweet tropical fruits like mangoes in Leon and watermelons in Oton. These yummy and sumptuous foods would usher anybody to be thankful for God's provision at all times. Most of all, the pride of Iloilo is its loving and friendly Ilonggo people who possess the hearts of a true friend, a loyal life-partner and a committed family member. Whatever the visitor's creed or color, the service of Ilonggo people is sincere, sweet and fair. This is very prominent among Ilongga women who have the magic to capture the foreigners' hearts that desire for a warmth love and camaraderie. These heavenly-sent traits rekindle spirit and the Ilongga's beauty in and out makes these foreigners feel relax and confident once again.

There you go. When Iloilo starts to capture a foreign heart, the marks linger for eternity. The experience is mutual and surely the sweet testimony of the captive about choosing Iloilo his second home spreads all over.


  1. abi ko literal nga love sang foreigner hehe

  2. hahaha, dala na da tanan ah... karun kun makunconcentrate ta sa love, gwa ta dating site?lol

  3. baw nag green ang imo letters wahahahha ano ni color colorheheh i pacomment di bala si lovey doves mo hehe

  4. yes, maulhut lang sya kuno anytime ah... hehehe

  5. obviously, we are totally captivated! :)


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