Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quick Ways to Start Playing the Violin

Iloilo is known to be filled with musically-inclined people.  Great musicians like the Kabayao Family Quintet hail from Iloilo.  This family is globally-renowned to be great violinists and pianists (as all of them play these instruments).
So, you might be wondering how to become one of these musicians and you plan to learn how to play the violin. The following are the steps in learning how to play the violin for beginners.
Hold the Bow Properly
Holding the bow properly is the first step that you have to learn.  Sometimes, you pluck the strings of the violin, which is also known as playing pizzicato, while at other times you bow over the violin strings gently, which is otherwise known as arco.
It is crucial that you know the parts of a bow.  The hairs of a horse tail make up the soft stringy material of the bow.  The tips is the top of the bow, the stick is the length of the bow, and the screw is where you hold its ends.  The frog is found at the end which is responsible for holding the horses hair.  The bow is held by putting the thumb under the frog.  The three fingers are wrapped around the little notch which is near the screw for your pinky finger.  
Develop wrist flexibility
Developing the flexibility of your wrist is important in learning how to play violin for beginners.  The bow should be held vertically and arms are moved straight up and down.  All of your fingers should be kept in place while you do the moving of the bow back and forth.  Do this exercise before you proceed to your lesson.
Violin Positions
Guitar Position
Practicing the violin has two best positions for doing this. The guitar position is the best for beginners.  The body of the violin is cradled in the crook of your right arm. The screw on the end should rise towards your shoulder level while the back of the violin should be flat against your body.  You may proceed with plucking.
Shoulder Position
The shoulder position is where the chin tucks the violin.  Stand and make sure that your feet is set as wide as the length of your shoulders.  Carry more of your weight on the left foot by turning it slightly to the left.  Use your left hand to grasp the fingerboard.  Make sure that the fingerboard meets the upper bout and the end button should point toward your neck.  Your head should turn slightly to the left as your jaw rests on the chin rest.  Point the scroll away from the body and not on a downward position.
Put your bow on the thinnest string which is called the E-string.  Move your bow back and forth.
If you are located in Iloilo and you want to learn violin for quality instructions with minimal cost, you can have violin lessons for beginners with an Ilonggo violin teacher.


  1. i love to play this instrument one day

  2. hi there, it would be nice if I see you play the instrument one day:)


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