Friday, September 30, 2011

A Journey to a New Home

Written by
RJ Remo

Being far away from my hometown, Lipa City, Batangas is difficult. Leaving that place is the biggest turning point in my life. It's been almost 11 months since I came here in Iloilo,the place that I never thought that I will love and consider as my new home. Let me tell you a story or should I say my journey to a new home.

October 27 – Together with my family we traveled from Lipa to Manila where we waited for the ship to arrive, it’s been two and half hour ride. In the van I was thinking what does Iloilo look like or what is it like to ride a ship because I was still a baby the last time I traveled. Then suddenly the van stopped and I told myself “This is it."

It was difficult to get inside the ship because there were too many check points wherein we needed to bring down our cargos in order that the security guards to check if there were pointed objects or deadly weapons. It was like hell. Everything that I can bring was all over my body and because of that all of my body parts ached. I looked like a Christmas tree. Whenever I remember that, I could not stop laughing at myself.

From hell to heaven – After we have crossed all the check points, we were finally inside the ship. We’re in the “Tourist” room. It was 7:00 in the evening when I noticed that Manila looked like New York when it is viewed in the night. I saw all those buildings with their lights on and they really looked like buildings in other countries.

Riding the ship was a wonderful experience. We we’re accommodated as if we were visitors. When we took a glance at the sea we saw the flying fish. It’s the first time I watched them. Whenever they approached, it seemed like it was their first time. It’s such a miracle to view something that looked like paradise because we all knew that our country is suffering from different environmental problems. From the ship we saw the beauty of our country. We are so blessed by God.

The first thing that came to my mind is “What a big place to start.” Now I am still tongue tied because of the beauty of Iloilo and its amazing culture. This time I will try to become a true Ilongga within.


  1. good job RJ...waiting for more articles to come hehe

  2. wow rj your the best..,haha good start and please make more articles congratz j

  3. thank you for all the positive comments........promise there will be more article about learning ilonggo's culture........

  4. nice. . nami pa gd tani i feature ang JALANDONI ... haha :D


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