Sunday, September 11, 2011

Five Tips on How to Find a Job in Iloilo

  • Be people-oriented.  Having a large network of people that you know who include your relatives, friends, professors, classmates, schoolmates, former office mates and others is a great way of finding a job in Iloilo.  You can ask about organizations that they belong to.  
  • Specific job search and Resume.  Employers do not like generic resumes.  Ensure that your resume is specific to the needs of the targeted employer.  Different industries have varying needs so it important that you customize your resume to what they need.
  • Always be ready.  Having a resume with you at all times is a way on how to find a job in Iloilo.  You do not have the knowledge of who you might run into.  A recently updated resume is handy in case a potential employer sets up an interview with you.
  • Be systematic by creating an employer database.  List down all the potential employers that have contacted you and those who still might be checking out your resume.  List down the date that you sent your curriculum vitae, any vital information, and the people you contacted with.  Bring a small notebook with you every time so that you can properly track your database. 
  • Research all the potential employers in your field of interest. In order to broaden the scope of your job hunt, you should search for possible employers in your field.  You can search in newspapers or even through Google or Yahoo.  You can go to different job fairs or even the Department of Labor and Employment for possible job openings. 

One of the best sites in finding a job in Iloilo is [].  Find a job and be hired today!


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