Friday, October 28, 2011

Teachers' Escapade to Captivating Capiz

Capiz---The place invokes fear to some as this province located in the Western Visayas Region in the Philippines is associated with "night flyers" commonly known as "aswang."  However, this did not stop Jalandoni Memorial National High School Teachers in holding their INSET Training in Virgen Beach Resort, Basiao, Ivisan, Capiz.

It was in the morning on October 21, 2011 that teachers converged in Tagbak, Jaro Terminal.  Some came in groups, while some came in individually.  Excitement was building up as pictures were taken even before the trip started.  It was agreed that the bus will travel at 7:30 AM, but the trip started a few minutes later.  Even with this time delay, the teachers' excitement did not die down.

Some of the teachers who got early pose before alighting the bus

The bus revved up and the trip to Capiz began. The vehicle was buzzing with chit chats of excited passengers.

The urban look of Jaro, Iloilo City changed to the luscious verdant rural look of Leganes which then became Zarraga.  The bus then passed by Pototan, then Dingle, Duenas, and Passi City.  

The bus took a quick stopover at Passi City.  After the passengers refreshed themselves, the bus proceeded to Capiz.  

The second leg of the trip involved riding a jeepney to RBM Virgen Beach Resort.  Passengers enjoyed the bumpy while refreshing ride towards the venue.

Lo and behold the visage of our ride:)

Trying to feel comfortable in one of the rooms of the resort

Ivisan boasts of the clear blue hue of its surrounding sea.

Virgen Beach Resort has nice cottages to choose from for events.

Fishing is one of the main sources of livelihood of Ivisan residents.

Ivisan, Capiz has white sand that is comparable with that of Boracay Island.

UI-Phinma came all the way from Iloilo City to share some thoughts with the JMNHS teachers.

The fun of singing with friends starts.

Other teachers get amazed with Richel Uy's prowess in dancing

Who says teachers can't jump?:)


Can't stop the fun, huh?

Dr. Belinda V. Dinopol talks about Stress Management. Eustress or distress, which one do you have?

On the way to the Mansion over Ivisan's hilltop

The high angle of elevation towards the top can be felt by the teachers. But, no one can stop them from seeking the Mansion over Ivisan's Hilltop

Posing near the edge of the mountain. Scary....

In front of the gate of the Mansion. Will our request be heard to enter the gates be heard? Oh, please.

Alas, and our request was granted. Weeee! The house of SB Member Azucena U. Chapman is now within our reach.

The grand pic with Mr. Steve (American man) and SB Member Azucena Chapman (woman at the center in red)

Mrs. Maria Cecilia Longno Simmons pose with the couple. She is personally invited by the Chapmans to visit the place again with her American hubby Troy Simmons.

Posing at one of the 16 bedroom in the Mansion.

Webmaster's pose with the Chapmans.


And Food!

And more food!

The imposing beauty of the Provincial Capitol of Capiz

Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion College

Posing with members of the Capiz Youth Group Ensemble. Capiz is the sole province in the Philippines who has live folk singers greeting visitors at the Capitol.

Websmaster poses with the Capiz Singing Group

The theme of Capiz Tourism shouts at its Seat of Government.

(More to follow soon.)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Letter for Mentors

by RJ Remo

“Years ago people who sacrifice their sleep, food, family, laughter and other joys of life were called SAINTS… BUT NOW THEY ARE CALLED teachers… BE PROUD TO BE ONE.”

TEACHERS – You are the one that will never be called as “NOBODY” instead “SOMEBODY” who change thousands of lives. You showed the students on how to draw the line in which they should follow as they take their path towards their future. You are also considered as the parents of the young learners next to their family and as modern heroes of this new generation.

I know that you, teachers, sacrifice many things for students to be knowledgeable in whatever career they might pursue in the future. Although that you know that it is not your job to help your students financially, still you find ways to help. You’re developing young Juan not just mentally but emotionally and socially. All the time you are stressed because of lesson plans you need to do and because of some behaviors of some students that bother you.

In spite of the fact you are under paid yet over worked you still have the passion and the compassion to teach. Sometimes young learners take you for granted and never understand what value you have in our society but still you pursue to be their mentor.

I, on behalf of the students, would like to impart our deepest gratitude and respect. may we be able to partake all the wisdom and skills that we’ve learned from.

If I were to compare you to something valuable, it is rightful to compare you to books because just like books you hone the young minds of students and can change beliefs that we believed in right now. The greatest gift that I can give you is my love and to be part of your lives.

For all the mentors, all thumbs up for a job well done and may your tribe increase.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center

Ilonggo people have been noted for their graciousness and unmatched hospitality which captivate a number of businessmen, diplomats and tourists who choose to consider The Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center as their rendezvous aside from its well-planned location at the heart of Iloilo City. This hotel that stands in grandeur comprises nearly 200 well-fashioned rooms and suites in buildings known as the Corporate Wing and the Manor Wing with noble feast and convention facilities. From small private gatherings to the most extravagant receptions, numerous function rooms are strategically designed for conferences and meeting.

The personnel bears the ideal Ilonggo identity (courteous and friendly) to everyone who may be a local or foreign visitor. Considered as the best hotel in Iloilo City, The Sarabia Manor can be reached a few minutes only by a jeepney or taxi from the city proper or from the SM City mall where the nightlife den known as Smallville is nearly located.

The breakfast being served is of good savor and the hotel's facade is great that every client would admire while the balconies are facing the cool pool.

What are you waiting for, come and visit this magnificent haven of relaxation and business and be amazed by yourself the other highly regarded features like various restaurants and bars (Al Dente, The Freddies, and the like) for your convenience and satisfaction.

For more information:

Sarabia Manor Hotel & Convention Center
101 General Luna Street, Iloilo City , Philippines
Telephone Numbers: (63 33) 335-1021 to 27
Telefax: (63 33) 335-1032; (63 33) 337-8460

The Hotel del Rio Iloilo

For forty years of existence, the Hotel Del Rio has gained its fame as a prestigious hotel and an Ilonggo landmark of the city of love, Iloilo. It is ideally situated beside the beautiful Iloilo River which both are just few minutes ride from the shopping and business downtown. Known for its great aura, this elegant Spanish-European hotel is likewise commended for the staff's good service and presentable,dainty cuisine.

It is the hotel that every visitor craves for courtesy, alertness, pleasantness and enjoyment during the stay. More than 50 spacious rooms and suites are well-prepared and set by making sure there are enough air-conditioning, bath privacy, food storage, entertainment and communication convenience upon request. Such rooms are spic and span with comfy and relaxing atmosphere.

With utmost support to the promotion of Philippine Tourism, Hotel del Rio in Iloilo City strives to keep the good name as a true Ilonggo heritage at its finest by upgrading the amenities and features for the satisfaction and comfort of every guest.

For more information:

M.H. Del Pilar Street, Molo, Iloilo Philippines Tel: +63-33 3351171 to 74 Fax: +63=33 3370736 Manila no.: (02) 425 1340 Email:

JMNHS World Teachers' Day 2011 Celebration

Some JMNHS teachers posing after the Morning Celebration
Teachers' day is not exclusive to a specific country, as many different nations celebrate it in various ways to pay respect to the educators.  The differences lie within the history, time, and the manner of celebrating.  Students show their thankfulness to their mentors in unique ways also.
How Teachers' Day Evolved
The honoring of teachers evolved independently in various nations during the 20th century.  In India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birthday is the time where they celebrate Teachers' Day while Argentina gives respect to the teachers by celebrating Domingo Faustino Sarmiento's death on September 11, 1915.  These are some examples why nations celebrate on various dates.
Unique Style of Celebrating in the Philippines

More than half a million teachers in the whole Philippines are honored by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No.479 and is celebrated between September and October.  In 2011, the Philippines celebrated the said event by being in consonance with the World Teachers' Day Celebration on October 5, 2011. This is planned in advance usually by the Student Councils of their respective schools. Some have orchid corsages presented to teachers by students or pupils.  Some have skits or drama that show the life of a typical teacher.

Jalandoni Memorial National High School Celebrates Teachers' Day

JMNHS, a secondary public school located in the heart of Lapuz, Iloilo City celebrates the Teachers' Day spearheaded by the Supreme Student Government headed by their President Marimar Cordova and SSG Advisers Aldrin Madrid and Danni Kei Deloguines.  

Class presidents held  a special meeting on how to show gratitude to their teachers.  Teachers were presented with scrapbooks, cards, and caricatures to show the students' appreciation of the efforts given by their teachers.  Flowers, mini-cakes, chocolate, and other sweets were sent as a gift to teachers who are loved by their students.

The Teachers' Association with their President Engr. Joseph John Gicano also celebrated the said event in the afternoon with each council showcasing their talents.  

The said events made the day of the teachers as they felt honored and respected with their selfless contribution.

Happy Teachers' Day Co-teachers!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Iloilo City's Tourist Attractions in Alphabetical Order (Part 1)

Atrium Iloilo Shopping Mall. 

Atrium Iloilo is located at the heart of Iloilo City and is still one of the city's leading shopping malls. It proudly sprawls between Gen Luna Street and Valeria Street and is home to the Iloilo debut of McDonald's which is one of the most famous worldwide food chains. The ground floor is enamored with the smell of the freshly baked bread and pastries of the Tinapayan bakeshop.  Mothers, students, and other shoppers buy their grocery items and school supplies at the Iloilo Supermart Atrium branch and the nearby section for school supplies.

Mallers who like to have a taste of Filipino food can proceed at the second level of the mall as the food court and different restaurants entice the strollers' appetites.  The Ocean City and Marina are some of the stalls that can be found in the food court.  For foreign visitors who would like to cool off from the Philippine tropical heat, Krystal Ice offers halo-halo.  After dining, strollers can mall around boutiques and other novelty item shops at the third floor.  Airplane tickets are sold at the third floor.

Day's Hotel is strategically located at the mall's topmost floor. 

Balantang Memorial Cemetery

Balantang, Jaro, Iloilo City boasts itself to have Balantang Memorial Cemetery as a national shrine.  It is the sole military cemetery founded outside Metro Manila.  Its local heroes led by Col.Macario Peralta, Jr. had one of the bloodiest battles in the fight for freedom against the Japanese forces.  

Casa Real de Iloilo

Casa Real is the Capitol Building in Iloilo.  It was built in 1840 during the Spanish times and was the alcalde-mayor or governor's official residence. The Arroyo Fountain is the former location of the Flagpole which stood until 1927.  Jose Zulueta, the governor of the province at that time, remolded the Casa Real in 1960.  The colonnade was removed from the original structure of the Casa Real. 

The new Iloilo Casa Real
The capitol was severely damaged due to an unknown source of fire on November 4, 1998 that destroyed half of the entire building.  Gov. Arthur D. Defensor initiated the six-storey Provincial Capitol construction and was brought to completion by Gov. Niel D. Tupas, Sr. The structure stands behind the original Casa Real.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Iloilo City Amigo Terrace Hotel

The Facade of Amigo Terrace Hotel
The Amigo Terrace Hotel is considered by many clients as the oldest and Top 3 finest hotel in the ever-shining City of Iloilo, The term "amigo", which is a Spanish name for "friend" reflects the truest identity of Ilonggo people who are mostly admired by different foreign nationals. It is a perfect venue for business affairs, pleasures, weddings and parties. With its elegantly fashioned rooms, the guests would be satisfied and appreciate the intimate ambiance the hotel offers.
Moreover, The Iloilo City Amigo Terrace Hotel heralds the excellent and well-improved features like the recent The Amigo Mall with variety of convenient shops, food centers , beauty salons and cafes; The Grand Ballroom which is still craved by campuses for exciting parties and JS Proms; the well-air conditioning Function Rooms for business meetings and symposiums ; and the attractive outdoor pool for fun.

With guarantee to cater the vacation needs of the visitors, The Iloilo City Amigo Terrace Hotel management and staff are at their best service and hospitality in developing the renowned gateway for relaxation in support to the Tourism Program of the Iloilo City Government with the newest slogan: My City, My Pride .

For more information :
Amigo Terrace Hotel and Mall
Corner Iznart and Delgado Streets
Iloilo City, Philippines

Phone Number: (033) 3350908 local 8301/8302
Fax Number: (033) 3350610
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